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1. How can I choose the right grade for the product? 
Please don’t worry. As long as you provide us with your purpose of usage, then we’ll suggest the most suitable grade for you. 

2. Why do you have such a wide range of prices? 
Generally speaking, the prices have something to do with the percentage of cobalt, but not always, sometimes have something to do with the grain size. In a word, the prices are based on the grades. 

3. Do you use recycle materials? 
All the products are made of virgin materials. We do not use recycle materials. Only at the request of our clients, can we use recycle ones. 

4. Do you do the machining by yourself? 
Yes, we have our own grinding workshop. We grind the carbide blanks by ourselves thus the products are cost effective.

5. What’s your minimum order quantity, can I have some samples before placing an order? 
As the first time to do business together, there’s no minimum order quantity, except for some special products. Please contact us for the details. Sure, we’re willing to send our clients some samples for testing.

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